just a test showing some program shadowdon html output

Showdown Demo

You can try out Showdown on this page:

  • Type some Markdown text on the left side.
  • See the corresponding HTML on the right.

For a Markdown cheat-sheet, switch the right-hand window from Preview to Syntax Guide.

Showdown is a JavaScript port of the original Perl version of Markdown. You can get the full source code by clicking on the version number at the bottom of the page.

Also check out WMD, the Wysiwym Markdown Editor. It’ll be open source soon; email me at the address below if you’d like to help me test the standalone version.

Start with a blank page or edit this document in the left window.

printf("goodbye world!");  /* his suicide note
                              was in C */
    function buildTestResult(hook, assignId) {
            var result = id(hook);
            if ( !result ) {
                    result = document.createElement("p");
                    result.id = (config.stats.bad ? "qunit-testresult-fail" : "qunit-testresult-pass");
                    result.className = "result";
                    tests.parentNode.insertBefore( result, tests.nextSibling );

            return result;



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