Event messaging between JavaScript objects.

Simplest implementation:

function NewMessageBus() {
    return {
        when: function(name, fn) {
            this.fire[name] = fn;
        fire: {}

var msgBus = NewMessageBus();

Usage of this requires two things:

Creating the event

var presenter = (function() {
    msgBus.when('getContent', function() {

Note that the presenter is state-less.

Firing the event

var view = {
    getContent: function() {
    content(htmlData) {

var model = {
    load: function(cb) {
            type:       'GET',
            url:        'myContent.php',
            dataType:   'json',
            data:       {/* some parameters */},
            success:    function(data) {
                // some preprocessing of data
                // some post processing of data



That’s it pretty simple.

The view/model does not have any references to each other.


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  1. Javascript Examples Says:

    that’s all cool tips, thank you very much for sharing.

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